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Aquamax B23F

Aquamax B23F

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  • Type:Rubber boat (R.I.B.)
  • Max passengers reg for 12 people
  • Yacht builder Inmark Marine
  • Engine: 250Hp
  • Build year: 2017
  • Engine builder: Honda
  • Length overall: 7.5m
  • Beam: 3.0m
  • Water tank: 50L
  • Fuel tank: 200 l
  • Draft: 1.0m


GPS Simrad 7″ GO7 TOTAL SCAN, first aid, life jackets, anchor with chain electric, costume made bimini (winder), cockpit cushions, cockpit fridge, cockpit table, cockpit table, cockpit outside shower, windglass, storm anchor and chain, teak cockpit, 4x Alpine hi power speakers, Caliber sound system with usb bt audio system and (commands on stern platform) , exterior and inside LED lights, snorkeling equipment.